Package design, product design, or designs on products…more than ever, buyers for retail channels demand proof and prediction for solid performance at the shelf and in the aisle. Shoptimize is a quick, efficient research approach specifically aimed at validating design. It provides feedback from shoppers in your target channel, target retailer or target demographic market. It’s quick and efficient. Three simple modules deliver:

  • Appeal of designs or design concepts—up to 12 designs
  • Design objections or preferred features
  • Comparisons of multiple designs for optimal appeal
  • Polarizing designs
  • Projections on market acceptance (which designs are likely to be most popular)
  • Preferred purchase channels
  • Purchase intent
  • Two unique indexes to assess appeal and overall design strength (including purchase intent)
  • Demographic description of primary target


  • The basic Shoptimize is an online survey – 200 + shoppers from the client’s database
  • Three additional options address increased complexity and scope
  • Topline results can be delivered in as quickly as 8 business days (from online survey launch)

Not quite what you want?  We understand.  These products can be a starting point for a more custom project.  Please contact us to start a conversation about your specific needs.