E-Focal online focus groups can be a logistics dream-come-true with no travel and easy access. E-Focal offers ongoing, moderated “chat rooms” that are open online for 2-3 days.

Participants can be from any time zone; 20-30 people can participate at a time, and a variety of audio and visual materials can be presented or uploaded by participants. New questions are uploaded each day, and after participants provide their own answers, they can see the opinions of others and chat with them. Better yet, clients can easily refine or change the direction of questions to pursue important themes once discussion starts. E-Focal is perfect for gathering:

  • Attitudes and behavior
  • New product/service testing
  • Purchase decision drivers/barriers to use
  • Specification process and selection drivers
  • Buyer or specifier influencers
  • Consideration set
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sales channel insights
  • Brand and image perceptions
  • Product/service perceptions
  • Almost anything that can be gathered in an inperson group can be done online, only without the geographic or travel issues

E-Focal includes a focus group discussion guide organized into sections that are revealed each day. Participants may be asked to interact with images, videos or photos, or they may be asked to upload photos or videos of their own. Clients may “observe” the online focus group by logging in to view the session discussion, and they can chat with one another or the moderator.

E-Focal provides solid qualitative findings for marketers who need input from geographically dispersed audiences or larger groups — both consumer and business-to-business audiences.

Participants are recruited in the same way as an in-person focus group; thus fees will vary based on the type of participant, number of participants and length of the online group.

The summary report (in Word) includes a full transcript of the online session, qualitative analysis, summary charts and tables, as appropriate, and executive summary containing strategic analysis of conclusions & implications/recommendations. Voccii will conference with the agency and/or client to provide a report overview and discussion of insights if needed.

When to Consider E-Focal
This online approach to focus groups can help when:

  • Insights are needed from a wide geographic area
  • Time constraints dictate only one group, but more than 10 viewpoints are desired
  • It’s not practical for a project team to travel around the country to observe groups
  • Travel budgets are tight
  • The project requires heat-mapping, interaction with photos, uploading, etc.
  • The topic is sensitive and face-to-face discussions may be awkward

Not quite what you want?  We understand.  These products can be a starting point for a more custom project.  Please contact us to start a conversation about your specific needs.