Some projects, including brand development, require input and collaboration from company executives; a most difficult stakeholder group to reach—both logistically and emotionally. Scheduling and group dynamics can make collaboration (especially on emotional brand issues) unproductive.

Voccii has developed a proprietary online approach to gather brand inputs and other types of input from leaders in a fast, easy and productive manner. Voccii can probe on a variety of brand topics, from ideas about the brand personality, to color indications, and everything in between. BrandEX is perfect for probing:

  • Creative brand brainstorming
  • Color insights
  • Differentiators
  • Brand image
  • Emotions
  • Relationship drivers
  • Relevance
  • Brand promise
  • Customer insights
  • Internal market knowledge

Further, this approach can be used with executives and leaders in any location and on any topic. It allows participation at their convenience. No more searching for available calendar time!

The BrandEX methodology can also be used for purposes beyond brand-related issues.

  • Almost anything that can be gathered in an in-person discussion group can be done using the BrandEX, only without the geographic or travel issues

BrandEX includes a series of short guided, moderated exercises over a 2-3 day period with up to 20 executives, administered through an online chatroom platform.

  • Each “session” is designed to require only 15 minutes, and participants may log in at their convenience to complete the exercises and questions
  • Participate be asked to interact with images, videos or photos, and they may be asked to chat with one another or the moderator
  • The identities of participants can be masked to encourage candor and prevent issues with group dynamics (a natural occurrence within reporting structures)

Not quite what you want?  We understand.  These products can be a starting point for a more custom project.  Please contact us to start a conversation about your specific needs.