BDQ™ delivers custom research results in 25 business days or less. You can save your project, your schedule and gather essential information quickly and cost efficiently among business or hard-to-reach audiences, such as professionals, suppliers, distributors, executives, buyers/procurers, specifiers, and dealers. BDQ is perfect for gathering:

  • Customer satisfaction and service insights
  • Stakeholder & influencer identification and intelligence
  • Purchase decision drivers/barriers to use
  • Specification process and selection drivers
  • Buyer or specifier influencers
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sales channel data and insights
  • Brand and image awareness
  • Product/service perceptions
  • Consideration set
  • Opinion gathering
  • Intent to purchase
  • Attitudes and behavior
  • New product/service testing


BDQ includes an online survey with up to 12 key questions (excluding demographics) and one (1) open ended question. This study provides solid quantifiable findings for marketers who target specialized consumer or business-to-business audiences. (NOTE: Not all audience segments are available.)

  • Distinct demographic profiles (millennials, affluents, newly-marrieds, etc.)
  • Industry-specific
  • Professional audiences (architects, designers, builders, etc.)
  • Customer segments (heavy users, net promoters, lapsed, etc.)

The sample of the target audience will ensure statistically reliable results, although sample sizes vary, depending on the audience. The cost of the sample is included in the bid (unless otherwise noted for extremely hard to reach segments, such as CEOs or Physicians). If additional samples costs are required, this will clearly delineated in the bid.

The summary report (in Word) includes standard charts and tables, basic open-end analysis, and executive summary containing strategic analysis of conclusions & implications/recommendations. Voccii will conference with the agency and/or client to provide a report overview and discussion of insights if needed.

Not quite what you want?  We understand.  These products can be a starting point for a more custom project.  Please contact us to start a conversation about your specific needs.