Deep Strategy

Data driven strategy.

Voccii delivers “data driven”—from business plans to market strategy to data driven brands.

We find new markets for our clients; define who is in them, and why and how customers buy. We define the landscape and customer attitudes in new geography and in new lines of business; we can tell you where you are in the consideration set; who is there with you (and whether you’re in the right spot.)

We use data to inform product development, product launch and product marketing strategy. We find those new customers that clients should be reaching but aren’t; we predict consumer acceptance and adoption. We deliver data to optimize design, brands, and services. Voccii brings insights to inform your pricing models, your strategic plan, your service processes and customer satisfaction. In short, we bring dimension to the business future you should be thinking about now.

But we don’t stop there. Unlike any other pure research firm, we articulate the strategies to take you forward — the “what,” the “so what,” and the “what’s next.”

We define the landscape and customer attitudes in new geography and in new lines of business; we can tell you where you are in the consideration set and who is there with you.

Brand strategy.

Brands are the driving force behind marketing. For us, business strategy encompasses brand strategy.

After more than 30 years working with, in and around brands, we’ve discovered a simple truth. There are ‘creative’ brands, and there are ‘strategic’ brands. They are not the same thing. Strategic brands blend a host of vital insights casting the foundation for a crisp, compelling and relevant brand promise to customers. Strategic brands reach deep into your business systems to discover, define and build:

  • New markets
  • Market position
  • Product appeal
  • Untapped customers
  • Brand loyalty
  • Purchase drivers
  • Brand advocates
  • Ideal customer experience
  • Competitive set
  • Shopper path
  • Competitive ranking
  • Optimal sales process
  • New product lines

Strategic brands are informed by primary market data to deliver focus, attraction, affinity, loyalty, and repeat purchase. When your brand starts with data, it can be measured with data.

See the needle move. Don’t be a logo all dressed up with nowhere to go.
Be a deep and strategic brand.

Brand Strategy

Brand development & activation.

Once research exploration for your strategic brand is complete, you have a clear map for your voyage to brand activation. We’re ready with our seasoned partners — planners and creative teams who implement your marketing tactics, From websites to social media, to experiential events and everything in between. With your brand strategy to light the way, your path to customer engagement will be crystal clear.

  • Brand audit
  • Brand position
  • Brand promise
  • Brand pillars
  • Brand personality
  • Brand messaging
  • Architecture
  • Identity
  • Activation & marketing plans

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