Small firm, big insights.

Technology opens new worlds for all of us. Yet more information does not always equal better insights. The new host of transactional data from all things electronic can tell you a lot about the ‘what,’ but not about the ‘why.’

Answers to the really important questions require deep exploration of multiple realities – your customer reality, your competitive reality, or your internal reality – to name a few.

We are Voccii, a national market research and brand strategy firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are driven by a passion to use research to create data-driven strategy. Voccii was founded on the belief that your business results are too important to use guesses as input.

We know you know a lot. But what about what you don’t know? Or certainties that may be wrong?

Voccii promises to make every client smarter and more competitive. We tell you the ‘what’, the ‘so what’, and the ‘what’s next’. We are Voccii.

Gayle Ireland PRC - Professional Research Certification

I’ve been called a “data hammer” and accused of tormenting data until it squeals. In reality, I’m not nearly that aggressive, only relentlessly curious and a stickler for details. Throw in a healthy dose of creativity and social skills, and you end up with a skilled, imaginative researcher with a long list of research tools to plumb the deepest challenges. Oh yes, and the ability to “speak human” to communicate it all. Unusual, but pretty cool, huh? If you’d like the geeky details, please read on!

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With over 30 years of market research experience, Gayle Ireland has worked on both the supplier and client side of research in many capacities. She founded the Voccii partnership in 2013 and regularly consults with national and international clients and recognizable brands such as Britax, Char-Broil, Bojangles, and the YMCA.

Ireland is among a limited number of researchers nationwide to earn the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) awarded by the national Marketing Research Association, placing her in an elite group who have completed the rigorous testing and education process to earn and maintain the designation.

Ireland’s research background spans a vast landscape of American industry. Her work includes B2C and B2B research, covering both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. She has deep experience in all phases of quantitative research design and implementation. Ireland is in high demand nationally as a focus group moderator and handles all phases of these qualitative projects, in addition to a variety of other qualitative techniques and methodologies. Clients and participants alike describe her as one of the best moderators they’ve ever worked with.

Her work brings profound impact to every business engagement. She has helped clients discover and develop successful new products lines, has opened untapped markets with new customer bases, reshaped marketing practices in entire categories, launched new pricing models for national firms, tested and refined package design to boost sales, and brought data to every phase of the stage gate product development process to vastly increase the odds of successful product launch. At Duke Energy she designed and managed the corporation’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and Brand Image Tracking processes. This data drove the design of Duke Energy’s much benchmarked customer service center and process.

Mary Johnson

My friends call me the “voice of the south.” Basically, I could have been Siri before she existed. The upshot being that there is no one I can’t talk into telling me their story. That‘s a good trait for a researcher. Clients seem to love my cheerful and gentle tone, both by phone and in person, which comes in handy for delivering both bad news and good! Read on for more charmingly technical details.

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Mary has more than 20 years’ experience in market research, communication, media relations, marketing, consulting, project management and customer service. She is skilled at coordinating and implementing consumer panels, and developing and implementing research projects including sampling, questionnaire design, survey implementation, data analysis and reporting. She also has experience in brand implementation and advertising, employee and executive communications, public affairs, community relations and corporate marketing. Mary has developed and implemented projects for advertising and brand tracking as well as corporate reputation and product research. She is skilled at conducting secondary research with detailed reporting and is experienced with managing outsourced research firms. Mary’s relational skills are unparalleled, and her success in finding, persuading and interviewing difficult sources is world class.

Mary has worked for Duke Energy Corporation in Charlotte, NC as well as Lowe’s Home Improvement in Mooresville, NC. In her current role with Voccii, she leads customer satisfaction studies and serves as senior analyst on a variety of other projects. She graduated from the Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Joann Barnard

Depending on the day, people may think of me as a bulldog or as their “research Pinkerton”…I always get my man…or woman…or insights. That’s great for clients, but tough on data! I pride myself on digging deep into data tables to deliver illuminating results, and I won’t stop until I’ve wrestled the research challenge to the ground! If you’re a client, I’m your best friend…if you’re un-analyzed data, an unsolved problem, or a potential interview candidate, watch out! To learn more about my other super-powers (beyond tenacity), read on…

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Joann Barnard, MBA
Joann is a tenacious, responsible, and responsive project leader who will not stop until she gets to the solution, whether it is completing a project with hard to find respondents or digging for the answers in the data. With 20 plus years of market research experience, as both supplier and client, she has helped companies evaluate their corporate image, measure and improve customer satisfaction, assess market size and competitors, and plan and evaluate new product concepts.

Her background spans a variety of industries, including building/construction, shipping/logistics, restaurant, retail, financial services, and telecommunications, and scholarly and scientific research support products. Her work includes B2C and B2B research, covering both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. She has experience in all phases of quantitative research design and implementation, including survey and questionnaire design, IDIs, analysis and reporting.

Every executive is accountable for “knowing what is knowable”, but frankly many executives are making critical decisions on half-knowledge, personal experience and hunches. In short, they aren’t doing their jobs. Voccii isn’t the research firm for every executive. They’re really just for those executives that want to do their jobs and succeed with real, deep, actionable insights.



Voccii was instrumental in helping us and our client identify key opportunity customer segments and define their primary buying motivations. Given that we were dealing with a relatively new product category this required a great degree of imagination and creativity on Voccii’s part and they brought it in spades.



If you want best in class, call the talented team at Voccii! We have worked with them over the years and they consistently deliver usable data and information that supports the marketing work we do for our clients. They are insightful, strategic and responsive.